YouTube Just Quietly Wiped One Of The Largest Pro-Life Channels

In the latest act of Big Tech censorship, Google-owned Youtube completely removed the LifeSiteNews Youtube channel from its platform, offering no warning or explanation. The channel had garnered more than 314,000 subscribers and removed every single one of their videos.

While the group said videos are still available on its Rumble channel, hundreds of thousands of people have lost access to this information on Youtube’s platform. They are currently trying to help rebuild their channel on Rumble and other alternative platforms and have posted links for donations on their site.

“This is no longer a game of trying to play by the Tech Titans’ arbitrary, leftist, virtue-signaling rules. We are in a war waged by left-wing liberals seeking to annihilate all conservative voices. It’s crystal clear: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and the others have now fully weaponized their platforms against conservatives in general and orthodox Christians in particular,” the group’s Doug Mainwaring wrote in a blog post.

Mainwaring said the takeover in silencing conservative voices started the moment Biden’s administration took over the White House. He talked about dropping conservative-friendly app Parler from the Google and Apple app stores, former President Trump’s Twitter account being deleted, Sen. Josh Hawley’s canceled book contract, and Facebook’s removal of the “Walk Away” campaign, which destroyed access to hundreds of thousands of testimonial videos from half a million former Democrat voters.

Forbes even reported that big tech companies started banning anti-vaccination ads, information on COVID-19, and strict policies on medical misinformation. They blocked coronavirus searches and directed users to the World Health Organization Page instead. Sen. Ron Johnson called Youtube’s heavy censoring tactics “another body blow to freedom of speech and expression.”

Youtube previously suspended LifeSite’s channel after allegations of “medical misinformation.” The one-week ban was due to a video featuring Dr. Roger Hodkinson, CEO and medical director of Western Medical Assessments. He called the media’s reaction to the coronavirus “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public” and that the public hysteria was driven solely by the media and politicians.

Dr. Hodkinson also said that masks were “utterly useless,” going against the recommendations set by the CDC that masks limit the potential spread of coronavirus in public settings, at events, gatherings, or anywhere else they are around people. A Google spokesperson then shared that they had flagged the video for violating COVID-19 misinformation policies and that the channel would be permanently removed from Youtube after receiving three strikes in the same 90-day period.

“In accordance with our long-standing strikes system, we terminated the channel LifeSite News Media for repeatedly violating our COVID-19 misinformation policy, which prohibits content that promotes prevention methods that contradict local health authorities or WHO,” a Google spokesperson said.

The media continues to hold an incredible amount of power and the left is too blind to see how detrimental this could be for freedom of speech. The censorship madness is just getting started.

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